About our Company

  • Established in the year 1992. in Maharashtra. Thombre Cement Product Industry is among the most popular Manufacturer and Supplier of RCC Spun Pipes. Under the management of our Proprietor Mrs. Sandhya Rajesh Thombre the company has been able to reach significant heights in the field of RCC Spun Pipes and Electric Poles.

  • Our Infrastructure

  • We are well equipped with good infrastructure for casting of the pipes. The pipes are manufactured and test of as per IS-458/2003 Standards. Furthermore, we are also backed by an extensive area of 3 Acres. Also, our manufacturing unit is equipped with latest machinery and modern technology which includes 2 Spinning units with EOT system. This has enabled us to produce an impressive amount of 150 meters / one day. We have a facility for manufacturing R.C.C. Spun pipes of sizes from 150 mm die to 1200 mm dia both NP2. NP3 & NP4 class Pressure & Non Pressure pipes are also available. I We have another 3 manufacturing units in various places in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh.

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  • Laboratory Facilities

  • At Akshay Cement Product we are backed by full-fledged Laboratory facilities where we conduct various quality tests to ensure the superlative quality of the products. The various test conducted are :

    • # Three Edge Bearing Test
    • # Hydrostatic Pressure Test
    • # Permeability Test
    • # Concrete Compressive strength test
    • # Machine Slump Test
    • # Aggregate Testing
    • # Weighing Electronic balance

  • Our Team

  • We are backed by a team of highly skilled profeSSionals and engineers who have helped us to cater to the needs of the customers by manufacturing products according to their requiremenis and demands. Our team consusts of:

    • # Civil Engineers
    • # Quality Experts
    • # Technicians
    • # Supervisors
    • # Sales and management executives
    • # Administration Officer.
  • Usage of R.C.C. Pipes

  • RCC Pipes are manufactured and tested as per IS: 458-2003. RCC Pipes are manufactured either spun or cast method.The ends of pipes are suitable for flush, collar, socket and spigot, roll on joints or confined gasket joints.-

    • # Road Crossmg culverts & Pipe lines
    • # Railway Bridges
    • # Laying Underground power cables.
    • # Telecommunication cables
    • # Irrigation purposes
    • # Storm water / sewerage drainage.

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